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  • The answer was yes. Ended up being a small change to the PCD8544 library and now it works great!

  • I'm pretty sure I tracked down the problem- the PCD8544 library uses software SPI while the SD library uses hardware SPI and I'm pretty sure the Arduino can't do both over the same SPI clock/miso/mosi pins. Anyone know if this LCD will work with hardware SPI?

  • Seems like the PCD8544 library does it's own SPI bit managing and it really doesn't like me using the SD library (also talks SPI) at the same time. I've made sure I've got all the SPI pins matching for both libraries (MISO, MOSI, Clock are the same and each device has it's own Select), but it looks like the SD.begin() call just breaks the SPI bus for the 5110 and it becomes non-responsive. The LCD works just fine if I don't initialize the SD library and the SD card works fine if I do initialize the SD card.
    Anyone have any experience using this LCD with another SPI device? How did you keep everything happy?

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