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  • Anyone ?? any idea ?

  • Yes I am.

    It is quite puzzelling !! the unit works fine on battery but as I said it only gives me problems when I connect it to the FTDI basic.

  • Hi guys,

    I’m Julian from UK. I need some help with this one: If I connect this BlueSMiRF Gold to a FTDI basic and I try to give him commands, for example, to enter configuration mode ($$$), it does not respond back. I checked the Tx from the BlueSMiRF with and oscilloscope (sillyscope :-) ) and indeed it does not respond with CMD. However, If I connect the same BlueSMiRF to a Arduino and do exactly the same it works ! What has changed ?? apart from the voltage level I cannot image what.

    Can you help ? Thank you. much appriciated

  • I also got this board working with FreeIMU. It works. I had to remove the gyro feedback as mine was drifting on the yaw all the time (drifting with both codes AHRS code and FreeIMU) and now it works. Check out Simple-Sensors.co.uk. it’s not perfect but it works.

  • Hi Michelt88,

    I have somehow managed to get mine working with FreeIMU (thanks fabio) by using a workaround. I comment out the gyro feedback resulting into a more stable behavior. Even if this is not a perfect solution it removes the my drift on the yaw axis. Check out Simple-Sensors.co.uk It works for me for relatively low dynamic behavior.

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