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Graeme from NZ

Member Since: February 28, 2011

Country: New Zealand

  • Darn, 7 in stock but I didn't see the email for 25 minutes and missed out.

    My wife will be very happy about this and now I'll go back to resurrecting "ding and dent" products that I'm hoarding :)

  • I've been playing with one of these in a test bed for my Aquarium LED setup.

    One annoying thing I've noticed is that when you first turn it on the LEDs are on full brightness until the microprocessor boots and takes over.

    As a test I added a 10k pulldown resistor between the PWM input and ground. This worked well an 0805 resistor sitting on it's side fits just perfectly on the bottom of the board.

    Do you think this is something you'd like to add to the design?

    I'm just modifying the eagle files now for me but I thought others might find it useful too.

  • My boss said if I worked the weekend he would buy me a plane.

    Now I know why he kept laughing every time he saw me!

  • Nate stole my engine!

  • Yet I can buy one from Ebay sellers in China or Thailand with no restrictions. :)

    (Note: This is not aimed at Sparkfun but at the ineffectiveness of US export controls)

  • Thanks guys, fortunately I managed to order what I really needed before the stock ran out.

    I had planned on buying some stuff I probably didn't need but fortunately for my bank account it ran out of stock before my order completed. Now I have some $$$ left for a GPS module :)

  • Look at them fly out the door. I suspect all stock will be gone in the next hour.

  • Yes, looks like they didn't set up the stock codes properly.

    Hopefully they have someone checking in on the website on Saturday and will fix it up before midnight.

  • What a neat competition, I'm basically too lazy to enter but I'm sure any swag you include will be very handy for the lucky winners. :)

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