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  • I put a SMA connector and dipole antenna on a 915MHz unit and got about 150m through an urban environment (through houses and care etc.) at 150kbps.

  • I'm using these units in a design right now and can confirm the physical components on the module are tuned based on the frequency indicated on the silkscreen. You cannot adjust a 433MHz module for 900MHz through software.
    If you want 900 or 815MHz units, contact HopeRF directly, they will sell small volumes (like 2 or 5) if you ask really nicely.

  • Anyone know a source to buy these from?

  • Does this one have an RF switch (SPDT) on the antenna line, after the matching network? It seems like it does from the photos but the diagram on page 12 of the manual doesn't show one. Anyone know?
    Anyone know where you can get the 915MHz ones in North America?

  • Just wondering if SF is offering the 915MHz version?
    You cannot simply adjust register values to get a different frequency, the cap, inductors, and resistors in the matching network must be changed as well.

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