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  • These don’t appear to be the same motors as stated in the description for the Magician chassis. The data sheets don’t match and I don’t see a shaft for an encoder.

  • I have the wiz110sr connected to a picaxe. With telnet, I can connect from anywhere and send to the picaxe a number to turn on a relay, read inputs or get the temperature. I programmed the picaxe to return a text response to verify I connected. All this happens when I do a telnet session. How can I do this with a webpage and a browser? I would like to be able to click on a button “Report Temperature” and get the temperature back. Is this possible with HTML and how would one do this? Is there any samples of this on the web? I haven’t found anything useful yet.

  • I ran the configuration tool program and was able to find the device on my network. Then I was able to configure the baud rate and set the setting. After that, I wasn’t able do a telnet session to talk to the device. I later found out the device’s default address of was not appropriate for my network. Looking at my network (with cmd/ipconfig), My IP address’s first set of numbers was always 192.168.1. So I changed the IP address for the device to be the same for the first 3 sets of numbers, then made the last number different. After that, The device worked and I was able to telnet to it.

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