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  • The current maintainers, Maxime Ellerbach and Jack Silberman, deserve lots of credit, too!

  • But the Jetson is unavailable and seemingly cancelled?

  • I've bought an entry, but how do I declare that it's an aircraft to make the 15 team cutoff?

  • What does the firmware do? There's no clue or documentation on the github page. Is it a full AHRS with a Kalman filter or just sensor reading code?

  • Right now it's just for planes, but quadcopter support is coming soon. No plans for helis at the moment.

  • Product description has now been corrected.

  • Sblasazk, I think you're a little confused about this product. It doesn't "a Sirf-III GPS chipset"; it just has a GPS connector that can work with any GPS module. The code, meanwhile, is actually optimized for the uBlox 5 module, not Sirf-III. All GPS modules have altitude limits, but the uBlox is higher than the figure you gave.

  • Sean, ArduPilot is 100% Arduino-compatible, so it has the same I2C functionality as any other Arduino. Several digital pins can be set to handle I2C.

  • If you record these you will definitely find an audience willing to pay. Why not charge $9.95 for a password to the streamed video version? I'll bet you'd make your editing costs back in the first week, and then it's a zero-marginal-cost product that just keeps giving!

  • The bootloader is part of the Arduino distribution. It's ATmegaBOOT_168_atmega328.hex in the hardware/bootloaders/atmega folder
    The setup utility works fine with the current (328) board. If you're having problems with yours we'll try to sort them on the DIY Drones site, where this product is supported.

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