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  • Hello Easton,

    Let me clarify. I do have lots of more interesting projects, which I do have them on my website as videos. One of those is a video game system I developed (EES), but I haven't released those as open source yet... So people that donate at kickstarter, one of the rewards is the access to those other schematics and code (which are NOT open source yet). Like I said in the description, "...which lets you download schematics, and code of OTHER projects other than The Eyeboard".. I am sorry if the description is not so clear, I will make sure to revise them and add a better description. Thanks for pointing that out though! ;)

  • Easton, I am not asking anyone to pay to get the schematics, I am only asking for donations and pre-orders for anyone interested. You are not getting any schematics right now even if you "pay", as I don't make them available just because I am working on them an and a DIY guide to make it totally available on my website when they are ready. However, I will publish them when the kit is up and running. :)


  • Hello everyone,

    Thanks for your comments. For those of you that are concerned about the safety issues about the circuit... Well first of all keep in mind that the high impedance of the Op Amps makes it almost impossible to electrocute somebody.

    We have tested the project with many users, and even disabled people have already used this system. We have made sure that it is safe to use it, and when I built The Eyeboard, my main concern was to make the circuit totally safe for the person that uses it.

    CNN covered the story as well, and you can see someone with disabilities writing with the eyeboard:

    Also, an EOG, unlike an ECG, is not connected to a fragile part of the body such as the heart so it is totally safe to wear the electrodes. Only the ground electrode is connected to a person's forehead, but it is NOT a requirement, it can be connected to the user's hand for instance.

    MAKE Magazine is going to publish a "How-To" article next year, they replicated the project and they know how safe it is to use The Eyeboard, they are probably going to carry some kits to sell them on Maker Shed!

    For more information go to my website:, and if you are interested in supporting this project that can surely help a lot of people, you can contribute by donating on my website or at kickstarter:


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