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  • Also notice the time distance between these posts? It has been broken for over a year.

  • You can always google search datasheets. What I hate are the broken code links I have run into, or broken pictures which show newly updated boards while sparkfun still sells the older version. That is always fun when trying to figure out pinouts >=-. I even took the time to inform sparkfun about it once and they told me it wasn't their problem and that it was the arduino site's.... I gave them the correct link that they needed to change and everything (after wasting 2 hours of my time i wanted to help others)... and they said Nope and blamed arduino... Great customer service at sparkfun... I buy from here because I can usually get most of my components under one shipping fee instead of splitting it between the mouse and key site. I can google search it and waste my time at a cheaper price. At least they try(no sarcasm in this sentence).

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