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Chip Overclock

Member Since: January 5, 2012

Country: United States



Chip Overclock is a product developer based in Denver Colorado USA who specializes in very large and very small systems: distributed, real-time, high performance, embedded, highly concurrent.


Product Developer


Digital Aggregates Corporation

Programming Languages

C, C++, Java, BASH, FORTH, various assemblers




Wright State University


http://www.diag.com http://www.chipoverclock.com

  • I got a copy of Faludi’s BUILDING WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKS from SparkFun with my Xbee starter kit. While it’s been very useful it does have a significant production flaw: some character strings, particular in many of the examples, are replaced with a character that looks like a squared spiral. This is pretty clearly a printing problem not caught by O'Reilly, a publisher whose books are generally very good. For example, Table 2-5 on page 51, all the fields under the Parameter column are unreadable. Just below that you can find “As a final step, use the XXXXXX command to write the new configuration” where X is the squared spiral character. I can usually figure out what the author is talking about by cross-referencing the XBee manual from Digi, but it’s a pretty big flaw for a $29 paperback. I’ve already ordered another copy from Amazon.com, since I’m assuming the entire batch from SparkFun probably has the same issue. But it might be a good idea for someone from SparkFun to check their supply.

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