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  • I'm using a pair of these radios in P2P mode USB connected to two Raspberry Pis. (Well, okay, one of them is an Orange Pi.) I had a lot better luck with them after installing the latest FW image on both of them, and also using an Anker powered USB 3.0 hub on each end. The hubs alone didn't fix the issue I had (which I had originally thought was the radio pulling too much power from the USB port, a problem with the Pis). The issue was the device, at either end, kept disconnecting from the USB bus, and also occasionally causing the Raspberry Pi to reset. Using a Total Phase Beagle 12 USB tool to look at either end didn't yield anything useful, for me anyway. (I'm playing with these radios in the same room, so your mileage may vary.)

  • I bought one of these in 2020. I didn't really see a use case for it - combining high precision differential GNSS with low precision IMU - but since I had used u-blox modules with each of those individual capabilities (specifically ZED-F9P and NEO-M8U respectively) I thought it might be an interesting combination and maybe I was missing something. Recently while updating the ZED-F9R with the latest u-blox firmware, I noticed on the u-blox web site that this module has been discontinued by the manufacturer due to "low demand" - apparently no one else saw the use case either. Despite the (probably last) FW update, there is definitely a bug in the NMEA GSV sentences that the device emits (incorrect message indexing field). It was a fun idea, but in the spirit of sunk costs, time to start playing with something else. Reference: https://content.u-blox.com/sites/default/files/ZED-F9R-00B_EOL_UBX-21044624.pdf

  • I got a copy of Faludi's BUILDING WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKS from SparkFun with my Xbee starter kit. While it's been very useful it does have a significant production flaw: some character strings, particular in many of the examples, are replaced with a character that looks like a squared spiral. This is pretty clearly a printing problem not caught by O'Reilly, a publisher whose books are generally very good. For example, Table 2-5 on page 51, all the fields under the Parameter column are unreadable. Just below that you can find "As a final step, use the XXXXXX command to write the new configuration" where X is the squared spiral character. I can usually figure out what the author is talking about by cross-referencing the XBee manual from Digi, but it's a pretty big flaw for a $29 paperback. I've already ordered another copy from Amazon.com, since I'm assuming the entire batch from SparkFun probably has the same issue. But it might be a good idea for someone from SparkFun to check their supply.

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