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  • i think you're a bit confused here. the 12V DC in vehicles is drawn from the battery. and only the battery and not through any kind of wire windings (transformers, coils, etc.). most vehicles have a 12V battery (14.x V MAX) which the battery will never, ever, be able to just suddenly drop over 100v into the system, even during 'cranking'. sure, the starter motor might draw lots of current, but its still at a nominal 12V and is completely isolated on its own circuit controlled by a solenoid activated by the ignition switch. if every time the car was cranked, 100V of DC went through the system, every incandescent light that was on would burn out in short order and im sure that the computer systems would be....compromised. now, if you wire this thing to the output of the ignition coil in place of the spark plugs things might be different, then again, your stereo would now be in the engine compartment ;)

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