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  • 4DGL is a graphics language, specifically designed for 4D graphics processors, it is not compatible with GCC, which is simply a compiler.

    Workshop runs on Windows because Windows has over 90% the market share. Forum users have shown how to run Workshop on other operating systems.

    The 4D programming cable is a descendant of the 4D Micro-USB adapter, one of the first USB to serial adapters on the market. We specify it as required as many other cables do not operate the reset line correctly and so you can end up with a bricked processor. We make this a requirement to protect your investment, if you compare prices you will see that we have very little margin on this cable.

    If you only wish to avail yourself of the “Serial” environment then you can ignore the cable, which will make it impossible to upgrade the firmware, and the Windows environment, which will mean you will be unable to take advantage of the cool tools for generating graphics and widgets.

    We suggest you nagivate to the 4D Website which has up-to-date information about 4D Products, where you can download the current Datasheet and product information. uOLED-96G2

    If you are that unhappy please feel free to return it, we do however stand by our products.

  • Absolutely, the uLCD43 with cap touch is due for release late February.

  • 4D Systems recommends any one of the following USB to Serial Converters to program their display modules uUSB-MB5 and uUSB-CE5 These USB to Serial converters have special circuitry that uses the DTR line to generate a Reset signal which is part of the PmmC/4DGL programming protocol as well as our extensive range of software test tools. Third party USB to Serial converters do not provide this reset circuity and in the past users have attempted modifications and could not make it work or have corrupted the internal chip PmmC loader. Others have connected the DTR signal from 3rd party converters directly to the Reset pin and some have attempted to manually simulate the reset pulse, most of these attempts proved to be futile and have caused considerable tech support headaches.

  • Available now uLCD43

  • You can use the uUSB-MB5 for programming the uLCD43, this won't void the warranty.

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