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  • Nice work with the estop interlock.

  • The SOT-23-6 schematic pinout in the eagle files is wrong and so is layout pinout, and 2 wrongs make a right. If you're using the eagle model on your board, you will want to fix this or put your part on your board flipped. Its all screwy, just check sparkfun's work prior to using this eagle file set.
    from the datasheet
    vout 1
    vss 2
    vdd 3
    sda 4
    scl 5
    a0 6
    from the eagle files (these are wrong)
    vdd 1
    vss 2
    vout 3
    sda 6
    scl 5
    a0 4

  • WARNING: v1.3 of the eagle files have a connection error. J9 is incorrectly wired in library part. Highlighting, D22 in schematic shows D52 on the board. D24->D50, D26-D48, etc. Won't hurt the prototypers but using this lib part on your boards will make coasters. Cost me $200. Its just the old 'Gotch ya' of using someone else's part without checking every pin, my fault.

  • In part layout, I fooled with the ctrl alt shift move business, its to painful (bad wrists). Just use the command line.
    name the pin
    then type
    move pinname (x y)
    for example
    move A1 (1.23 2.44)
    no fuss and its exact
    Thanks for the tutorial!

  • I had horrible performance problems running this ISD1932 in my design. AGC worked great when battery powered at 5V. However, running a wall wart through a 7805 regulator with tons of filtering, the AGC motorboated and was unusable. Same motorboating from a clean HP benchtop power supply. I found that all motorboating went away when I decreased the supply voltage a 1/2 volt. I put a diode in my circuit, now driving the ISD from 4.3V and its works great!

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