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  • Does anyone know the company’s number by any chance? Tried contacting them by calling the number on their website 510-984-2463 and I get the message “The number you have reached is not in service”. I have this device and the application crashes when it starts sampling. It’s very annoying. Software version is the latest 1.1.15.

  • How do you listen to the audio the device sends you? How do you confirm your data is good? See my message below…

  • Hopefully someone can help me here… so I think I got this device to spew-out some audio. I hooked-it up to a PIC18F4620 and the PIC is generating a 2.5MHz PWM 50% duty and the output of the PCM1803 is showing me what seems like the proper data…. but now… how can I listen to it? I believe that it is PCM data that can be directly piped into an S/PDIF input on an A/V receiver (which I don’t currently have)… is that true? Otherwise, I’m somewhat confused as to how I would be able to lower the quality to have the lowest bitrate so that I could save it somewhere then afterwards manipulate the data… any input anyone? Thanks!

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