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Mechanical design engineer and chronic tinkerer.

  • Simple. Yet genius. So glad someone came up with this.

  • Hi, I put this board into the wild thumper and controlled it using a radio just to try it out. It was awesome for about 2 minutes. I ran it over a shoe and the fuses tripped after a few seconds of trying to get over the troublesome obstacle. Since then all it does is make an audible hum and the motor fault lights come on. I combed through the board looking for damaged components and found one of the caps next to the motor connecting had basically broke in half. I replaced the cap and still had the same issue. I hit the throttle and it goes nowhere. I figure it's not the fuses since the fault lights are coming on and the board is humming when I hit the throttle. Is there anything I should check?

    -sad nerdy toy enthusiast

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