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  • hey.. .I had the same issue .. and for the next card I just applied a lot of solder on the sides of the connector (where the outer shell of the connector is actually soldered to the board) it made it a lot stronger.. no more issues with the connector breaking and damaging the board.. I hope this helps.

  • Dear Sparfun... are there any plans to build a Version 2 of IOIO OTG with more PWM and digital input/outputs?.. I love the product... and I would like to see a version that can handle a Hexapod with 18 servos.. :-)

  • Otatiaro:

    They indeed provide some sort of description for their "MPL".
    It's just obscur automatic documentation of API calls ...
    You have to read the source files of their demo application to try to understand something (I said try ...).
    But there is a LOT of work to understand what exactly is done at the I²C bus level to obtain the data ... I just don't have time to RE a commercial product.
    I'm pretty sure they have better documentation, but reserved to "tier one" customers (Nintendo ...) and they NEVER answer when you send them a mail.
    I'm waiting for the MPU-6000 too, and hope the "DMP" will be usable by the time it's released, until then, I will continue using the ITG-3200.
    Yeah... the MPL documentation is pretty vague.. did anybody get a chance to play with the RollDice visual studio 2005 source code? when I try to compile it fails because it is missing the mpl_imu3000.LIB file.... I sent Invensense an email asking about it... but it seems like they just ignore these technical inquiries.. it happened to another member here.. no replies at all..

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