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  • What is the avrdude command in linux to use this...been trying all day...

  • To answer my own question, and in case anyone else is curious:

    ATmega328P-AU is the micro, 74HC154 is used to help address the matrix, and DS1337S keeps time

    Schematic link:

  • Schematic? List of components?

    I want to write my own firmware for a watch, and this hardware looks like what I want, but without the schematic or at least the list of what's in there, I wouldn't buy it.

    Please fix

  • Ballsy move. Well done, Sparkfun!

  • google.

  • People...consider the cost of your time. If you "won" after being here for 2 hours, you'd be better off working those two hours. You'll make more than $100. This is even more true for everyone who's been at it for 3-4 hours.

    This is an incredibly inefficient way to do FreeDay, which rewards nothing but persistence and greed. Last year was better (and I have no ulterior reasons to say that: i was unable to compete last year, and refuse to compete this year)

  • Does not work nearly as advertised! Neither android nor old nokia phone cause it to ring on call. I indeed cna dial out from it, on both though. Nokia phone does not end call when you hang this up, instead audio keeps coming if you re-lift the horn. Android phone works for one call, and refuses to work afterwards. Both phones will NOT auto connect, insisting that "bluetooth re-authenticatin needed" and make me re-enter the 1234 passcode. This is entirely broken!

  • it is integrated into the bluetooth chip in the iPhone, yes. That is to say the bluetooth chip is used to receive this data

  • It's just 2.4GHz GFSK modulated data stream. not bluetooth (no frequency hopping)

    Dmitry G.

  • Your decoded data:
    Packet 1:
    ->packet is from device '4H847CE4VSX'
    ->payload: 06 02 B0 00 5E 00 00 0A 00 00 44 00 00 1C 00 00 A7 EC 02 85 64
    ->on hours: 2
    ->Tc: 176
    ->walking steps: 94
    ->running steps: 68
    -> lifetime walking miles: 10
    -> lifetime running miles: 28

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