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  • Ah-ha! Excellent, thank you!

  • I've noticed that in some of the SFE Eagle files, the "stub" net lines on the schematic (those that terminate on 1 componet but are left "hanging" with an implied connection to another net of the same name) terminate with little "flags".

    A good example of this, are the SCL, SDA, DRDY, ADR1, and ADR0 lines in the schematic for the the TMP006 breakout board. TMP006 PDF Schematic

    How are these little flags created? I looked through the SFE Eagle libraries and couldn't find an object like this, and I've not seen any options in eagle to do this. Are these all created by hand somehow? I really like the approach, as it looks cleaner than just having a line with no endpoint.

  • I really love these little things.

    I'm really happy to finally see these as raw units. I bought some about 6 months back, but the smallest quantity I could get was a full roll of 1000 direct from a supplier in China (Alibaba is awesome for stuff like this). It's great to finally see these being sold in smaller quantities.

    I know the breakout is a little larger than Adafruit's, but the schematic is current - Adafruit's public "neoPixel" schematics are still based on the older WS2811 chip and separate LED. It's simple to just replicate the Sparkfun schematic into your own designs. SparkFun is just flipping awesome for sharing their design out. Also FWIW - Adafruit's current NeoPixel library will work perfectly.

    If you haven't played with these things, I encourage it. I can't say enough good things about how easy these are to use.

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