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  • It looks like if the board is powered from RAW, the digital outputs are 3V. If the board is powered from regulated 5V, the digital outputs are 5V. Is that right?

  • The Pro Micro is terrific. I've used it on every project so far. However, I've run into a problem due to how much I use the USB connector. The connector is attached to the board using SMT and so is very weakly anchored. After many cycles of plugging and unplugging the cable, the pads that anchor the connector lift up. One more cycle and the connector tears off the board. It would be great if just outside those pads could be some plated through holes with exposed lands on the back. Then, if I plan to use the connector a lot, I could pass a copper wire around the connector and into the holes. Then solder on the back side and I believe the connector would be solidly anchored.

    For now, I solder a wire to nearby ground pins on the back side and over the top of the connector where it extends beyond the board. I also ran a fillet of heat glue between the bottom front of the connector and the board. Time will tell if this holds.

  • This procedure did not work for me when run on Windows 7. Is there an update to the procedure or driver? I did try to install the driver via the "have disk" path and ended up with a blue screen and the error BAD_POOL_CALLER. Power cycling the PC returned sanity.

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