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  • Pete - When starting the early layout of a board, one thing I think you should have put more focus on is that most boards are composed of sections; power, IO, processor, RF, etc. That should be literally be the first thing you explain: "all PCBs are composed of simpler sections." As you are planning your layout, you want to keep those sections in mind, and place parts that are related closely, especially for anything operating at RF frequencies such as crystals, transmitters, receivers, etc. Often those sections have requirements which dictate their layout to some extent.

  • Brennen - The errors that you are having with currency amounts showing significant numbers for too many decimal places suggests that you are using floating point numbers to represent currency. This is generally frowned upon because most floating point representations trade off accuracy for the ability to represent a large range of values. If your system is using floating point currency, it could really mess with your financial transactions so thoroughly that you'd never be able to fully sort things out.

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