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  • Thanks! I missed that! Just saved me $43+

  • Any idea how much weight this thing can handle?

  • The arduino UNO rev. 3 now has a additional sets of SCL / SDA pins.. would this enable usage of 2 of these at the same time? Or is it still as noted here by Tedspark? I need to run two of these to provide correction numbers for referencing position on an adjustable-pivot CNC backgauge that's not calibrating correctly. I need to measure each end with a precision of approx 1/64" (~.4mm), at a distance of about 2" (50.8 mm) or 4" (76mm) , so that I can plug the numbers into the system as an offset adjustment each time the machine is started up. I'm really hoping that my solution won't require the use of two arduinos. Has anyone tried using two of them on a rev.3 to see if they'll work?