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David M. Syzdek

Member Since: December 31, 2013

Country: United States


Location: Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Website: syzdek.net

Github: syzdek


I am a husband and father. I pay the bills by working as a systems engineer for a local ISP. Additionally I work after hours writing software for a company developing a records tracking system for schools and school districts. Currently I only tinker with simple circuits (i.e. astable flip-flop circuit) and am starting play around with arduinos so that I can write programs to interact with the real world (not just within a server network).

  • Does this case fit the Raspberry Pi model A (without ethernet) or model B (with ethernet)? One of the pictures is for the A and the others appear to be for the B model. I bought a case from another vendor and it ended up being for the model A which doesn’t fit my model B Pi.

Arduino Christmas Lights Project

David M. Syzdek 6 items

This is the list I am putting together of parts I am using...

Dream Workbench

David M. Syzdek 12 items

If I had the room and money, these are the things I’d like...

If I had a million dollars

David M. Syzdek 15 items

If I had a larger hobby budget these are some of the things...