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  • Hello Dean,

    I'm running across two reputable articles regarding Pixhawk, 6s batteries in conjunction with a BEC to power Pixhawk and the INA169.

    To be clear I ground BEC to INA169 ground and Pixhawks ground? This makes a common ground I think?

    I'm not en electronics engineer and don't pretend to be. For reliability and safety I need to make certain of my procedures here.

    Need a quick sketch for my application to make it more clear to me. Who better than you for this?

    If you don't mind I will get you the parts involved to give you an idea what's involved.

  • I am installing this in a hex with a max continues amperage of 180. Do I need a to install a resistor between current and ground pads?

  • I am not comfortable pretending to be an electrician. I will have thousands hanging in the air by this piece alone. Can someone please help me in selecting the proper resister to apply on a 6s Pixhawk hex? PLEASE.

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