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  • Fast CodeVisionAVR code available for this rotary encoder (without Z).

  • CodeVisionAVR library for DS3234

  • Dunno, but regarding to my earlier post, accuracy seems to be pretty good in long term scale. It may fluctuate more than 2 ppm on a single day, but overall stability seems to be far more better instead of extrapolating the drift based on per one day. RTC is near of my window and I’ll open it pretty regularly. I haven’t studied how much temperature fluctuations will affect to the total accuracy. 10 secs sounds still kinda a large drift. May that be some kind of EMI related issue of your circuitry? High SPI-frequency and continuously polling may generate some extra pulses to the clock source. At least INT-pin was affected by SPI-data when scoping of my case.

  • I have purchased couple of these modules. Nice product especially if SPI is already utilized on your MCU. However extremely accurate seems to be just accurate in my case. Maybe I’m doing something wrong like using 512 conversion sample rate instead of 64. I have Maxim's DS3231M evaluation board which seems to be very accurate as the chip has been run several months with less than one second deviation. These DS3234 modules will deviate about one sec per day which is ~6 minutes/year.

    I have written library with CVAVR and i'm not quite sure how to interpret the datasheet. One is Conversion sample rate seconds. Is this calibration interval or samples per second? I mean should CRATE0 and 1 bits set to zero? Another issue is temperature values below zero. I'm unable to get correct negative values when getting the chip from freezer. Two's complement value has been noticed, but is the commercial version of the RTC unable to display temperature values below zero?

  • White is so neutral and sexy...i love it.

    Nice product with multiple features and good design! Now we are waiting LASER RGB-segments with significantly reduced current draw :)

    Resitors are good for equal digit brightness, but additional power dissipation can be expected. If segments should driven without resistors and equal brightness, PWM should be dynamic thus being unique on every digit value while demuxing. This wasn't the case any of the previous revisions. This one is omitted to phenomenom by the resistors, but causes more current to drawn. I think this is still awesome product...

  • I assume that all segments will bright equal compared to earlier version of this display? It did just sucks. But why the heck this new revision comes with different pinout/orientation? Not compatible to my PCB at all :(

    Please provide this display pack with white and 1" 7-seg display.

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  • When we are going to get these more?