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  • +1 for pubdc - examples are terribly outdated. Can someone just share the truth - can this board run the latest TTN stack or not? It's ok if the answer is no, we just need to know

  • Can you post an actual working example? Ever since TTN switched to "The Things Stack" all examples have stopped working, this guide is terribly outdated and just as you have discovered - the LMIC has changed. It seems nobody at SparkFun is interested to support this board with the new TTN way of doing things and up until stumbling on your post - I was ready to toss the board. Thank you

  • Did anyone notice that the screnshot of how to copy the various keys from TTN's console shown in this guide is totally misleading? The picture shows the keys in MSB while they should be in LSB except for the APPKEY[16] which should be MSB

  • Ok so let's say we get the RAK from China, it's somewhat cheaper but when you add the antennas etc 200 bucks is actually a good deal. But that's not by beef - look at the acceptable TTN usage rules, really? Best thing is if you NEVER transmit LOL I would much rather use it on the Helium which is what the U.S. will end up using as the global coverage choice for LoRaWAN except Helium doesn't support much of the open source gateways just yet. Still the vehicle that will dominate us isn't TTN, just my 2 cents

  • why is it necessary to jump the 2 traces for LoRaWAN? What exactly does it signal to the radio module's internal firmware?

  • Would someone who ordered this SIM dare post screen shot of speedtest.net? That would be most helpful! Then we really need to clarify the 2G thing -- is it per month meaning it will reset every month back to zero or is it 2G aggregate for the duration of this 6 month SIM ride?

  • Before declaring it a fail lets see some sales figures six months from now but the price point certainly isn't a good start :-)

  • I did face the same issue. Temp sensor was fine with my older Duemilinove/Eth but it was impossible to push the data to what I waned to use -- http API since no CURL or JSON libs for Arduino :( so Pi was the choice and with all the libraries it pushes my telemetry beautifully to Open Sense... http://open.sen.se/sensemeters/tab/3355/

  • So total of 6 pins needed which can not be used for any other purposes? That's a bit too may, no? Even if the SD card isn't needed one still can't reuse the SS pin

  • This is a totally viable concept - have the LCD do the heavy lifting. I just would like to ask whether that pretty bad lag is caused by the baud rate or the Arduino or the LCD itself? Is there any way to improve on latency? May be the code is doing just too many things including reading objects from the display?

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