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  • Product DEV-11229 | about 4 months ago

    I did face the same issue. Temp sensor was fine with my older Duemilinove/Eth but it was impossible to push the data to what I waned to use – http API since no CURL or JSON libs for Arduino :( so Pi was the choice and with all the libraries it pushes my telemetry beautifully to Open Sense… http://open.sen.se/sensemeters/tab/3355/

  • Product DEV-11287 | about 6 months ago

    So total of 6 pins needed which can not be used for any other purposes? That’s a bit too may, no? Even if the SD card isn’t needed one still can’t reuse the SS pin

  • Product LCD-11741 | last year

    This is a totally viable concept - have the LCD do the heavy lifting. I just would like to ask whether that pretty bad lag is caused by the baud rate or the Arduino or the LCD itself? Is there any way to improve on latency? May be the code is doing just too many things including reading objects from the display?

  • News - How to Build a Building | last year

    Congratulations and god speed - you are lucky you are not doing this in California. It would have taken 5 more years plus another 5M for permits; litigation which your neighbors would initiate; environmental studies; air pollution penalties; dinging the ground penalties; doing anything at all penalties - all in all legitimized fraud which thankfully does NOT exist in Colorado. Good work guys! Start planning the house warming party!

  • Product DEV-09832 | about a year ago

    From what I understand so far - you loose those; no latch. Goes back to 0. IMHO terrible design but there isn’t anything like this out there so this is still a great product

  • Product DEV-11723 | about a year ago

    Worth to mention The Mux Shield uses Arduino digital pins 2, 4, 6, 7, analog input pins A0, A1, A2, and optionally uses digital pins 8, 10, 11, 12.

  • Product DEV-11780 | about a year ago

    So the Arduino IDE plug-in; that must be a sizable plug-in; compiler plus the syntax management and all. Anyone using the Arduino IDE plug-in? How does it feel? Though an Arm processor it is still a true real time code execution, correct? No Linux touchy feely timing stuff like the Pi?

  • Product BOB-11502 | about a year ago

    um the thing needs 5 pins (data;clock;int;reset;osc) in addition to power and ground so total 7 connections to the Arduino? Standard 2 i2c would have been ideal but even as it is the IC is pretty cool with its independent LED blinking engine and keyboard matrix

  • Product SEN-10988 | about a year ago

    Ok so tech pride aside; is the sensor good or no good with an Arduino and some modest relays off the 5v regulator on the Arduino?

  • Product WRL-11395 | about 2 years ago

    Imagine if the Arduino required cloud activation and everything which that path of product development entails. Where would it be today? I respect the hard work of this company, however without the back-end being freely available (you know, the Linux box where these Imps connect to) I would have to wait for the redirect hack to come out.

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