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  • Would you be willing to post the bootloader .hex for the STM chip or even sell the chip pre-programmed by itself? I would like to roll my own board using CLASS D power amp, switching PSU and a couple of other features. I think I know the answer but thought I'd ask anyway. Thanks.

  • Do you think the project below would accomplish the trick? Looks like it will do A/D conversion using a POT and also merge with incoming MIDI data. Free source code, also. I just don't know if it transmits the messages in a format that is compatible with "WAV Trigger" https://code.google.com/p/epick-pedal-controller/

  • is "MIDI merge" something a "MIDI through" piece of hardware would accomplish? Time for a google search I guess.

  • RE: Pitch Bend. I guess it's up to MIDI controller to transmit Pitch Bend information. The PIC based MIDI controller I am using only decodes key presses and does not transmit Pitch Bend info (I think). Any ideas?

  • I am only playing 4 notes (voices), unless you are saying playing fast 8th notes hogs up more voices. Release is set to 0.

  • Weird issue. I made lots of VOX organ 8 second samples and they work and sound good. However, if I play a 4 note chord, fast 8th notes while holding down the low note (think "99 tears" or "rock lobster"), the low note drops out after 3-4 seconds. My init file is MIDI w/velocity disabled. The issue goes away if I slow down the 8th notes. I tried with rock band keyboard and an older Casio MIDI keyboard. Any ideas?

  • OK, got it. What about attack time? I don't think my Rock Band Keyboard (RBK) has the capability to assign MIDI controllers. BTW, on the RBK, patch change does not seem to work, so I am glad it is working on the WAV TRIGGER.

  • OK, got the channel switching working. A little confused on how to implement the MIDI control for attack and release times. Is the keyboard responsible for sending this information? Like, it doesn't seem like something I configure with init maker.

  • Robert, finally had a chance to flash wav trig w/ v87. It works. Velocity is disabled and makes the keyboard much more playable. Can't seem to get MIDI channel change to work. I have Flute samples file name starting with 047-077. These play fine. I have your piano triggers at 001-013. These also play fine. I have your mellotron samples re-numbered starting at 143-147. These do not play when I increment or decrement the channel, either by triggers or using the keyboard.channel change button. Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

  • Wow, new software revision within 24 hours based on my request! Is that awesome support or what. I'll post a video ASAP on how to use Rock Band keyboard. It is easy. Right now I am having too much fun playing with this thing. Also, 3.3V FTDI USD-UART cables from Digikey work fine. I don't think they are cheaper though.

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