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  • **Great GPS Module BUT ONE Problem***

    The Venus GPS board has no carrier to make it easier to integrate. So, I modified an older USB Adapter for XBEE, the XBee Explorer USB WRL-08687. The inside hole pattern is just right for the Venus board. If you turn the module around so that the RF antenna connector is pointed the same way as the USB connector, and move it to the far end of the hole pattern, it works perfect. You get Ground, 3.3V, DOUT (Tx0) and DIN (Rx0) right where you want it. I used (2) 4-pin and (2) 3-pin socket connectors and separated them one hole to isolate RTS and DIO12. That way CTS, RTS and DTR are not connected from the USB chip to the Venus. It works great for USB connectivity.

  • Can anyone tell me what the fastest write and refresh rates are? We are sending 40 Bytes 20 times a second at 115,200 Baud over serial and need to log the stream. Also, what is the largest log file it can create and store? Thank You.

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