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  • I've written a howto on my site for how to get effective configuration with these modules.
    Hope it helps someone.

  • You're right, but why is is left off on the pro and the pro mini boards? I could've used it on the pro board I'm using now, I guess I'll have to solder it on myself.

  • Why not connect the ACD6 and ADC7 pins? I understand space is a premium on the pro mini board, but why leave them off here? I'm going to try soldering on my own.

  • Too bad one of the xbee digital pins isn't connected to the 328's interrupt pins (2 or 3) for waking from low-power sleep. I suppose you could just send a reset instead, provided whatever data you're gathering isn't in ram anymore.
    Is the 238V special in having 8 analog inputs? I thought the series all had 6.

  • Cool board, however the surface mounted components are very fragile. The first day the switch broke off, although it was simple to re-solder that. Just tonight the serial headers broke off, and I'm at a loss. They can not be soldered back, so I suppose I've got to wire up an entirely new serial port in order to program it again.
    Stick with the pro mini if you can. I had to use this simply because I needed the AREF port which was omitted on the mini.
    On a side note: this 5V board boots and programs fine with the 3.3V FTDI/USB connector.