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  • Now for the robot that cleans up after my weekends of hacking around on electronics and home brewing.

  • Fluke could easily resolve this issue by dropping their stupid and over broad trademark. It should have been tossed by the patent and trademark office but what do you really expect from lawyers and bureaucrats.

  • It would be nice if more of these breakout boards were designed to mount directly to breadboards just by adding a few header strips. These boards were perpendicular pinouts make for more difficult development.

  • lol... thanks. I was just wondering because I have wanted to buy this since June and I have seen the date get pushed back at least 3 times now.

    BTW, is this board spaced so it would either bridge the DIP rail on a breadboard or plug into an IDC? I'd prefer to not have to run 30 wires to hack around on this interface.

  • Are these really on order or should I just see about getting one else where?

  • Not trying to be annoying... are you guys still working on this breakout board?

  • Does anyone know if they command mode may be controlled from the SPI or is it only possible with the UART?