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  • Hey,

    Well I need to ask that if I use the 8-pin header and connect it to raspberry or laptop, can I send and receive the CAN bus data in the similar way as in case of 5-pin header?

  • Hi,

    I am currently using OBD-II UART Board for fetching CAN packets. i am also facing this problem of 'BUFFER FULL'. Well, before going for firmware up gradation, I tried these commands - 1)AT BRD 99 - It replies OK but still speed remains same. 2)AT BRD 100 - Does not reply OK.

    Then I cam across these commands -
    1) STSBR 115200 2) STWBR from this post Since AT BRD command was not able to increase the BAUD rate, i was wondering whether the latter commands would work or not? Since it will write to non-volatile memory, I was wondering if my IC goes wrong and I am not able to do any stuff after that.

    Can you please suggest me whether to try these commands or not? Is it safe? Or should i just go for firmware up gradation ? What things would change?

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