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new at everything electronic, testing things out right now. love sparkfun because i live in the middle of nowhere and if you want anything more exotic than "small town" walmart products, it comes from online...or salvaged, traded, or bought from the crazy redneck who's ancestors have been collecting any and everything since before the dinosaurs. but other than that, sparkfun is one of the bestonline stores I've found with great (or at least reasonable) prices for products and shipping to my area!

  • Hi. I was wanting to make an IR LED light source that will turn on at night when it gets dark and turn off during the day when its light. Would that be possible with just this sensor? Or would I need a microcontroller or something similar to program it as well? Thanks.

  • Yes, those are the ones I was wondering about. Thank you. :)

  • Oh that's why a lot of resistor (resister?) color code tutorials say violet instead of purple! I guess, anyways. I wondered about that. But what is the difference between diffused and the basic ones?

  • Does this power supply also charge the battery if the battery is rechargeable? Or would you have to connect a Lipo charger for this to recharge a battery? And if it doesn't recharge it, does it have a terminal to connect a charger? Or is this just a basic power supply for the board, with no charging capabilities at all? I know the Lilypad Lipower says you can connect a Lipo charger to it so you can recharge the batteries, too, but I'm kind of confused about this one because it says a lithium polymer battery is a good rechargeable alternative to AAA battery, but doesn't say if the battery has to be charged separately.

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