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Prevent Hair Loss Through A Healthy Diet Hair loss can occur in men and women both. It occurs due to many reasons. It increases as one gets older, stress, hormonal changes and iron deficiency and so on can be considered as the causes of hair loss. Although hair loss is a problem in both men and women, it is a big concern for women because the hairs complement the women’s beauty. Women do so many things to keep their hair healthy and look beautiful. They undertake lots of parlor treatments to look their hair stunning. Hair loss can also occur in women who are expecting, who are in menopausal stage, who are taking birth control pills and so on.

Nutrition is considered as the essential element of the hair. For ladies, sudden hair loss can be the result of the lack of many nutrients, particularly minerals and proteins. Even low iron levels can cause hair loss. One should note that if iron levels are low in the even zinc is low too. Excessive sugar and processed foods will lead to lack of minerals. The people who have patchy hair loss may need more proteins from various sources. Protein from food is important for strong hair. A lack of protein can lead to hair loss and adequate protein can help to provide amino acids that strengthen the hair. Good sources of protein include seafood, white meat poultry milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs, beans and so on. Omega -3 fatty acids keep hair healthy and plays a vital role in preventing hair from becoming dry and brittle.

Zinc is also essential for hair nourishment. Its good sources include oysters, lean beef, peanut butter, turkey and pumpkin seeds. And even vitamin C is healthy for hairs. Its sources includes citrus fruit, green leafy vegetables, baked potatoes and so on. Buy Bimatoprost Online.

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