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  • Hello guys, Quick Q, any idea on the why im getting a error using the example 7 in the Serial example found in the error is referring to ::FULL2WIRE telling me that

    sketch_feb10b:21: error: 'FULL2WIRE' is not a member of 'AccelStepper' AccelStepper stepper(AccelStepper::FULL2WIRE, 8, 9); ^ exit status 1 'FULL2WIRE' is not a member of 'AccelStepper'

  • does anyone has a link to this file or library? i have no issues with this code so i can share mines with the community i just happen to have deleted my hypermedia folder by accident ( thanks guys

  • did shawn just said i can use the edison that cost $49.99 to operate my $10 toaster??? are this ppl at intel out there minds???? lol not to mention that is only 1.8v wtf?! fucking relay need more then that to trigger a close loop circuit and lets not forget it has to be program which means that $49 is not all u need to spend to even prototype your iot toaster lol smh

  • can we use this chassis for a stand alone robotic frame? givin it has space for 4 motors and four encoders?

  • is their a reason why my msg shows up in the middle of 2 years worth of other msg's?

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