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  • Just so you know... I spent about $300 in digikey last year; I spent over $1000 at sparkfun in just the last two months!

    I just felt, I didnt have a chance to play the game. I could not get online because of work. A suggestion could be to do this on a sunday, or after work hours.

    But all and all I love sparkfun, their magic, their ingenuity, and the cool community they have created. Didnt win, but happy they are around so I can keep buying their cool stuff :-)

  • This method was too time consuming. I'm at work, took 10 mins here and 10 mins there during the day to hit the server, but is was futile, I just couldn't spare the time too keep trying.

    Sparkfun if you are going to give money, give it to the folks that actually buy from you, not the entire world including people never been a customer!

    Establish some sort of rewards program based on how much you buy in the year (something like "this product gets you 6 sparkfun points") similar to REI.com. Then once you have accumulated enough you can redeem them at the end of the year. just a thought..

  • Guys, thanks so much for the time and effort you put in writing this tutorial. I learned a lot. I created my first SMD part: a MicroFET for Fairchild Semi #FDFMA2P857. Really, thank you!

  • This board was such a headache it was until I tied TST to ground. Thanks for the post!

  • it works like a charm! I'm controlling all sort of stuff with my android tablet over bluetooth (making now a bluetooth-2-xbee bidirectional bridge, to hopefully use the android tablet to control xbee things! : )

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