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  • we have the whole story, this was a planned operation for rent seeking purposes.

    here ill show you how it works, 1. take apart clock you bought from store. 2. put in case , make it look like hollywood bomb 3. knowing the muslim terrorist stereotype ( see 9/11, 7/7, boston bombing etc etc ) 4. bring hoax bomb to school and show teachers (lie that you built it) 5. if teachers dont flip out from potential bomb threat, set clock to go off doing english class. ( what do english teachers know about electronics ? they will surely think its a bomb unlike the other teachers he showed) 6. when sent to principles office, the principle then calls the police to confirm , if bomb. 7. police confirm not a bomb, release troll, but not before his sister (who has a history of making false bomb snaps a pic and posts on twitter to generate sympathy from white liberals who want to status signal to everyone they aren't racist. 8. generate a media shit storm get suckers to sympathize with your cause claim " racist whites and police" tried to oppress me from learning. 9. everyone falls for it hook line and sinker, even the president and Hilary. 10. profit off of suckers.


  • if she is calling in a bomb threat , how is it that she is the victim?

  • because I thought he had been “targeted” in any way, but because our society has gotten

    this makes sense because most teachers are not electronics nor explosives experts

  • whats its like to be a fool? i called it last week. http://blogs.artvoice.com/techvoice/2015/09/17/reverse-engineering-ahmed-mohameds-clock-and-ourselves/

    if you were real engineers you would have spotted it too.

  • its obvious to anyone that this kids purposely took apart the housing of a clock and then mounted it into a suitcase to make it look like a bomb. A la Counter strike. He was trolling or trying to incite fear. This isnt what the media is trying to make it out to be, a innocent kid trying to learn engineering. This is prankster laughing at the fear of others. Also shame of sparkfun for trying to morally signal how non racist they are, its pathetic.

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