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  • Hi! Is this shield compatible with the GSM.h library of arduino IDE? Is there a library for this shield or good examples to use it as a web client?


  • Hi, Im working on a proyect that need to send data to my thingsspeak account, Ive allready done it with a Wifly and ethernet shield, but now Im trying to do it with this module. Ive been able to connect it (SIND 4,3,11), send SMS, calls, and TCP/IP connections, but Im having trouble really communicating to thingspeak or similar, could anyone give me some hints plz? thanks!

  • aaa ok now I see, the module has the cord already soldered… thanks!

  • But that antenna has a screw… and acording to the pictures above I need to solder something to the module to attach the antenna… or not?

  • OK great, where can I find the required antenna? thanks!

  • you need to translate this guide to spanish, is excellent for schools! greets from Chile!

  • what arduino platform should I have to complete as many projects in this book as possible?