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  • Hello I am currently trying to use the bluesmirf gold bluetooth to connect with another bluesmirf gold bluetooth. One of the bluetooths reads the acceleration from an accelerometer (which I bought from sparkfun as well) while the other is attached to my computer so that the acceleration readings can be sent wirelessly. This project has been smooth sailing up until this point, for some odd reason the code from one bluetooth to another works perfectly and sends the correct acceleration for about 5 trials per day and then it will suddenly stop working and I am no longer able to get the acceleration data to successfully print to the serial terminal. Even weirder, once it begins messing up, if I comment out the line in which I initiate the accelerometer (accel.init(); ) and also comment out the line where I read the acceleration (;) and re-compile the code works perfectly fine. Everything that I wanted to print out begins transmitting to the serial terminal once again without failure (of course without the proper acceleration data that I need). For some reason my code does not seem to like the parts that involve the accelerometer, has anyone else run into a problem like this? I am using the arduino IDE to do all of this. I just cant wrap my head around why the code would work perfectly for a little bit and then suddenly stop working without me re-compiling the code. Any suggestions would be extremely helpful!!! Thanks in advanced!!

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