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  • The change in range of sensing for the new SMT ZX sensor is because the LED's have a wider beam width than the LED's+crimp used in the TH version. Also, we reduce the IR intensity to 1/100th of the brightness. We did this because we found that the same gesture performance can still be obtained with the SMT component set. If you want longer Z measuring range then you can change the 1K resistor to something lower like 700R.

  • I'll try. How do you suggest we design the instrument? Something like a Theremin?

  • The ZX sensor provides up to 50 X and Z coordinate samples per second, so it refreshes every 20 msec. What you could do is check the I2C status register of this sensor for new data at a polling rate that exceeds 50 Hz. Another approach is to check the Data Ready or DR line of the sensor (in the I2C group next to DA and CL) for a HIGH reading indicating new data. If you go to the GestureSense.com website we can provide you with a simple script to do I2C polling for this data.

  • This ZX sensor can detect objects out to 1 meter if they have a large surface area (like a wall for example). The human hand is generally detected out to about 12 inches.

  • We are working on a version of the same sensor design with three emitters. This will give XY and Z, as well you can do circular gestures, and other cool features. What do you have in mind?

  • The minimum sensing distance is within a cm over the emitters.

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