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  • If I was running SparkFun, GE Tech would have made me rage - good onyas all for taking it graciously and in a humorous way.<br />
    <br />
    On a related note, this XKCD strip might be worth investigating if GE Tech makes it big time: <br />
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  • Can this board be bootloaded over USB or serial? I'm assuming serial will be an option, although it would be nice to have a USB interface.

  • Is there any way at all to compile code for this thing using GCC or a variant, or just some way of not doing it online. I'm sure im not alone by saying that I don't like the way everything is web based now.
    Can anyone help because i'd like to buy one of these, but the crappy web IDE is holding me back
    Ps. Preferably GCC or whatever on Linux?

  • JB: Any thoughts on what I should use for a bus connector? I assume I need solder something to the pads along the edge.
    I agree those pads look hideously tiny. Can anyone offer any info on connectors for this thing? I really want to get it but those pads are holding me back

  • Hi. Can someone tell me if I can use this board without a JTAG programmer, like can I bootload it off USB or something?
    Ps. I ask this because I dont really want to buy a JTAG.

  • dmendes: I?ve bought this board in 1/2009 and it came fitted with a rev 0 LPC2378 (the third revision of this chip was launched in 2007). Rev 0 is so useless (it can?t run at max speed, USB has problems, ethernet has problems, external memory bus is broken... download errata sheet at NXP and see for yourself). Before you decide to spend you money in this board, ask Sparkfun which version they are selling. I took some time to identify this problem and they didn?t accept my board back.
    This is slightly worrying... can we please have some news SparkFun?
    Also, does it come with a serial/USB bootloader preloaded? Or do NXP chips have a serial bootloader burned into them?
    Answers please :)

  • I am sorry but for gods sake your name is NOTHING like SPARC's apart from the first syllable of the first word of your logo. Speaking of which the logos are nothing like each other, unless using red and black is a crime (surely we should be punishing thousands of companies for that then?) which i dont believe it is. I find this ludicrous and downright mad that someone can think they can do this. You are a great web-store and electronics resource (although i havent bought anything from you YET (i swear i will i promise :P) and, quite frankly, sparc needs to leave you alone to get on with selling cool electronics products.
    Ps. i am saving up for the BlueScreen :D