Welcome to the LilyPad Sewable Electronics Ecosystem

The LilyPad system comprises sewable electronics parts designed to help you build soft, interactive e-textile projects.

What is the LilyPad Toolkit?

Using LilyPad components is a great way to experiment with electronics through the lenses of fashion design, crafting, fabric arts, and more.

Each LilyPad piece has large conductive sew tabs that makers connect together with conductive thread to build working circuits directly on fabric and soft surfaces. The rounded shape of LilyPad components allows for easy sewing and minimizes snagging on fabric or thread.

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Where do I get started?

Getting started with LilyPad is easy; no previous electronics experience is required. Whether you’re interested in a making quick and easy light-up craft or programming light, sound, and sensors into your project, we have the tools you need.

Check out our Getting Started guide for an overview of the LilyPad system, a diagram of a “soft circuit,” types of projects you can create, and tips for sewing with conductive thread.

Let's Get Started!

Getting Started with LilyPad

The LilyPad Line

LilyPad modules were developed with creative designers, makers, and crafters in mind. They come in a variety of project kits, programming kits, and formats to suit your unique project vision.

Here are some of our recommended products to get you started.

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Sewable electronics have applications in a variety of creative fields, from traditional fiber arts, quilting, crafting, costuming and cosplay to engineering, design research, and prototyping, and even computer science.


Crafting with electronics provides an innovative way to add new levels of interactivity to your project. LilyPad is an easy way to include lights and sound in a wide range of crafts!

LilyPad Crafting
LilyPad for Art & Design

Art/Design Projects

Art/Design: LilyPad is designed with creativity in mind. From art installations to high fashion, incorporating electronics into your design will make it stand out from the rest.


The first step in success with any project is testing and making changes. LilyPad uses Arduino programming to allow anyone from beginner through expert to alter their design quickly and easily.

Lilypad Prototyping
Lilypad Used in Science

Science and More

The LilyPad system can be used for problem-solving applications from assistive technology to interactive data-logging. Sewable flexibility opens up a wide range of possibilities that soldering boards just can't match!