Make a Spectacle of Your Work

We designed the Spectacle platform for creators who want to use lights, sound and motion in their work but don’t want to start an electronics hobby. We’re approached often by incredibly talented artists who know what they need from an electronic circuit but don’t have the time or interest to build and program it themselves.

Imagining all of the awesome works of art that people could be making if we had the tools to offer them, we put together a team to give artists, performers and creators the benefit of our electronics know-how without changing the way they work.

Spectacle User's Guide

Simple Interface. Complex Behavior.

Wiring a Spectacle circuit is as simple as plugging in headphones, and programming it is like doing a Mad Lib. But don’t let Spectacle’s user-friendly design fool you; it has all of the ingredients for complex behavior and interactions. Also, because it’s modular, you can simply add more daughter boards and more batteries to grow the Spectacle platform to the demands of your project.

Spectacle Video Resources

Spectacle is Convention Ready

Runways, convention floors and galleries can be demanding places. Now you don’t have to worry about your project surviving demo day; Spectacle boards are powered by rechargeable, interchangeable USB battery packs so you won’t run out of juice. You can reconfigure your Spectacle project from any device with a web browser and a headphone jack, so making last-second changes is never a problem! Finally, no soldering is required to connect Spectacle boards or accessories, so swapping out parts is a breeze.

Example Spectacle Projects

Special FX Magic for Artists

You put a lot of sweat and tears into your work. Now bring it to life with lighting and sound effects, animatronics and more!

Versatile Web Application

The Spectacle Web App allows you to program each component in a matter of minutes to fulfill the creative demands for your project. The web interface uses an audio input connection from any smartphone, tablet or computer, making it easy to redesign and control projects quickly from any device with an audio jack and internet connection — anywhere, anytime.

Spectacle Web Application

Spectacle Starter Kits

Spectacle Light and Sound Kit


Spectacle Sound Kit


Spectacle Motion Kit


Spectacle Light Kit

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