Comparing the pi-top & pi-topCEED

Pi-top is one of our favorite new accessory makers of 2016! They have taken the classic Raspberry-Pi and build both a physical and virtual environment around it to make coding both fun and accessible to anyone. Both the original pi-top and the new pi-topCEED provide easy to use tools that allow you to change your experience based on your need with their modular design and accessible OS. Also with the fun multiplayer game CEEDUniverse that comes installed on every device you can jump right into the world of programming while exploring the reaches of space!

13.3fl HD LCD screen

1366 x 768 resolution

10-12 hours run time

3W power consumption

60Hz refresh rate

14” HD LCD screen with eDP interface

1366x768 resolution

2.6W power consumption

Magnetic PCB rail for snap-in, snap-out ease of use of Raspberry Pi and add-on boards.

Ergonomic design for good posture:
Ajustable stand gives continuous viewing angle up to 65˚

Assembly Guides

Available colors and styles

pi-top (Green)

11 Retired
pi-top (Gray)

pi-top (Gray)

pi-topCEED (Green)

pi-topCEED (Green)


pi-topCEED (Gray)

7 Retired