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Description:  This is a conductive knit fabric for use in e-textiles. It is similar in feel to a nylon ripstop material. It is highly conductive with a surface resistivity of < 1 ohm/sq. This is a great add-on to any LilyPad project.

If you aren't sure what to do with conductive fabrics, you have to check out the Wearable Toy Piano, as well as some of the other cool Instructables.


  • It's conductive!
  • Easily sew electronic features into your next project
  • Great for use with the LilyPad

Dimensions: 12 x 13" (304.8 x 330.2 mm)


Comments 9 comments

  • Any idea if the full body scanners (X-ray backscatter and millimeter wave) can see through this? :)

  • These are used to make camping materials as they are water proof.Parachutes, kites, flags, hot air balloons, parasail wings and also sports clothes are made from this material.This material which won’t fail in the highest stress situations. Ripstop Fabric

  • Has anyone tried attaching this to other fabrics (like a sweatshirt) by ironing it on using fusible webbing? I’ve been sewing patches of it onto a shirt for a project and am wondering if I could just attach it with fusible webbing between the shirt and the conductive patch. It doesn’t seem that an adhesive layer between the fabric and the conductive patch would be a problem, but I hate to waste any if someone already knows it won’t work. I guess my question is…would an adhesive webbing interfere with the conductivity? Thanks for any advice.

  • Hi, I can confirm that this fabric works perfectly for capacitive touchscreen projects. I used it to make my winter gloves tablet-friendly, using a modification of the method here:
    I used small circles of this conductive fabric attached to the conductive thread on the fingertips, so that I could have a decent touch area without poking more holes in my gloves.

  • Greetings
    Has anyone tried to use this for a capacitive screen (like the iPad) stylus? I’ve seen some discussions about it and the iFaraday styli use conductive fabric.

    • I don’t know wrt this one in particular. But this one.. - Conductive Fabric - 12"x13" MedTex180
      ..has been. See:

  • What about raw yards? As years of carbon-fiber/kevlar composite work has taught me, you need larger amounts for larger projects or mistakes.<br />
    <br />
    So how’s about a per yard sale strategy. <br />
    That is how most textiles are sold anyways.

  • No clue. Try it out and let us know :-)

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