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Description: Rotary switches are nice for being able to select up to 16 different states in a small package. With only 6 pins (2 of which are common), you can select 16 positions. The switch is breadboard compatible and has a nice solid feel to it.


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Customer Comments

  • Anybody know where to find an eagle library for this?

  • Any tutorial of how to use it in Arduino?

  • The datasheet mentions 8 and 10 position versions as well. Any chance you’ll be offering the 10 position anytime soon?

  • Can you guys get the 8 position versions as well? And did you source the knobs that go with these switches?

  • is it me or are they using the Comic Sans font on the switch?!!!!

  • Are these switches bi-directional? Meaning, if it is at position 1, and I turn it right to position 2, can I then turn it left again back to position 1? Lamp rotary switches for instance, have a ratcheting mechanism and only work one way. Do these operate in the first or second way?

  • Look at what i did with this switch, i replaced the dip switch on a RC302 2.4ghz video rx.

    • et voila, dip switch! I see that the original was a regular (bank) dip switch assembly - this certainly does look a lot more convenient if you have to change channels often :)

  • This is a standard rotary switch - versus a complement. The truth table for the complement is the inverse of the standard. Complement rotary switch models have a different color rotor. Check the datasheet.

  • Is this a switch or a Grey code encoder?

  • Note that these are slightly difficult to turn without a knob.

  • I got some of these thinking of replacing the potentiometer inside a standard servo and convert it to continuous rotation, using the switch as a rotary encoder. Unfortunately it doesn’t work as I expected, they are too hard to turn.

  • Are these continuous rotation, like a rotary encoder, or they have limiters on each end?

  • Hey, is this the kind that clicks (like a position selector) ou slides (like an infinite volume key?)

  • Do you plan to carry the knobs for these switches?

    • Good question. I just saw them in the datasheet. I’ll try to get some on order.

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Easy to use and good quality

They hold their position well (if you are planning on adjusting these frequently, the optional knobs are a lifesaver - otherwise, a small flathead screwdriver works well) and haven’t worn out yet. What more can you ask for?