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Description: Conductive thread is a creative way to connect various electronics onto clothing. This thread can carry current for power and signals. While not as conductive as traces on a printed circuit board (PCB), this thread makes wearable clothing 'wearable'!

This thread is stainless steel making it extremely tarnish resistant. This thicker 6-ply thread gives it the ability to conduct much more power. It is often laid on a fabric and then held in place with a over-stitch (sometimes called a couching stitch) of non-conductive machine sewable thread.

What can you do with more power? Keep your hands warm! This thread has been used in gloves, vests, and clothing as a heater coil.

The extra thick thread has an extremely low resistance of about 1.4 Ohms per linear foot and weighs about 0.93 ounces for the full 50 feet.


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  • Can this be folded and twisted without breaking? Will I have to expect some up resistance while doing this? Thanks!

  • How are electrical connections made? Can you solder conductive thread?

    • You can solder it, I guess - but you can just tie it together or sew it so that it touches.

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