Conductive Ribbon - 3-Conductor (1 yard)

Here we have some conductive ribbon. Essentially, it’s a fabric with 3 conductors woven into the ribbon. It measures roughly 0.2" wide and 0.03" thick. You will get a 1 yard (~3 foot long) section of ribbon. It has very little (negligible) resistance to it. The material is 68% tinsel and 32% polyester.

Since it has 3 discrete conductors in it, you can transmit power, ground, and signal with a single ribbon! It’s relatively flexible and durable. As long as your iron isn’t too hot, it solders easily and makes for a good addition to any wearable electronics project.

Customer Comments

  • Does any one how to connect the conductive ribbons to MPU6050 or any other such form factors which then gets connected to Arduino Uno R3

  • One yard is not long enough!

  • May I have official confirmation on if these guys are insulated or not? Kinda limits the applications if you can’t overlap or not worry how the end product folds and moves.

    • For anyone with this problem, try using a bit of Iron on interfacing, it will stick to the ribbon nicely with just a bit of heat from an iron, and its thin. Its used for cuffs and neck parts of dress shirts usually, but its handy for many things ( and cheap!)

    • Maybe you could use shrink wrap for your overlapping areas, or shrink wrap the entire thing. Shrink wrap comes in all types of wonderful colors.

      • A more simple solution if you are actually sewing this ribbon into the fabric you can just put an extra piece of fabric between any areas that overlap… :)

    • No, there is no insulation. It is made to sew into clothing, not necessarily overlap.

  • From the soldering tutorial, it looks like the wires (conductors) aren’t insulated. Not prohibitive, but take it into account when planning.

  • Could it be bought in contiguous lengths longer than 1yd (in multiples of 1yd)?

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