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Description: Who doesn’t love the soft glow of electroluminescence? This EL tape is a flexible plastic ribbon which contains a phosphor layer and lights up with a neon-like glow when the proper voltage is applied. It’s a lot like the ever-popular EL wire except, well, it’s a ribbon.

These can be driven with any of the EL inverters and sequencers that we carry and come in a variety of bright colors (check below for other colors). This particular ribbon is 1 meter long, 15mm wide and illuminates red. It is attached to a 20cm cable which is terminated with a JST PH connector.

Dimensions: 1m long, 15mm wide


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  • Can any one tell me how bright this thing gets when used with the 3v inverter? I’m working on a armband to be worn when exercising for my Mid-Term project. I need the EL tape to be bright enough to not be drowned out by the florescent lights that would be found at Generic Gym in Anytown USA. I kinda need to know ASAP.

  • I turned one of these on, and it’s more like lightish red. +1 for Donut.

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