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Description: After using a lot of different journals, we decided to create the one that we wanted to use. 52 pages thin, matte red flexible cover, with 1/8" grid on every page. It’s light weight, easy to pack, and has just enough pages to record all those crazy ideas. Also, we’ve altered the pages slightly, the grid is now white on grey.

These really are great notebooks, we use them constantly at the office. They’re flexible enough to stuff in your backpack but rigid enough not to get torn apart in travel.

If you’re more into showing off, the SparkFun Red allows you to stand out in a crowd. And anyone that knows ‘geek’ will recognize the subtle embossed SparkFun logo.

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Customer Comments

  • I was doing some calibration and had my trusty notebook with me, so here is its reflectance spectrum!

    • Thank you, you made my week. THIS is why I LOVE our customers!

    • That is actually useful to me! Presumably it’s for the cover. What’s the geometry of the measurement setup?

      • Didn’t have comment notifications turned on and just came across this today! Glad/surprised that it was useful! Yes, it is of the cover. It was with an ASD Fieldspec Pro with bare fiber at nadir, about 15cm standoff. Illumination was at about 45deg. Reflectance calculated with a spectralon panel white reference. I have some pictures of the setup if you are interested. Sample size was 1 notebook, so no idea how much variation there is among books/batches/etc!

  • If only it were metric…

  • Some of the grids (usually bottom) have only 7 lines, instead of 8.

  • Do you plan on updating this? I’m thinking a hardcover version, that would be great. Also, for the love of god, METRIC. Please.

  • Do you pay patent royalties on the paper? I’m under the impression that Whitelines® holds a patent on white-ruled grey paper. Perhaps they produce these for you. Anyways, I love using this type of notebook, and recommend it to anyone, despite the price.

  • I just want to say it might make this notebook even better if you put binder hole in this book.

  • Why is your shipping so crazy expensive??

    • Because we’re smaller than Amazon. Seriously though, the prices you see on the site are pulled directly from FedEx/UPS/USPS’s sites (run through with our account and discount). We don’t have the size and influence of Amazon to get the prices any cheaper. Check the price of sending that order back to us on their site and you’ll see it could be a lot more expensive.

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