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Description: These plastic LED holders have a slick chrome finish and make it possible to panel-mount your indicator lights for a clean look. These LED holders accept a 10mm LED and mount into an ½" diameter hole.

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Customer Comments

  • The LED is inserted from the bottom and the little plastic cup that hold it in place only has 3 pin holes. Not a great big deal, but bought this to use with the 10mm RGB LED (COM-11120) that has 4 leads. The holder itself is plastic (as stated in the description) with a chrome finish. Not sure it will hold up for extended use. I do like the fact that the LED is recessed for protection.

  • Would like more dimensions in general on all the parts - how big a panel do these fit?

  • What panel thicknesses would this fit?

  • They are not water proof. Also, it is easy to poke the LED out of the holder. The plastic on them is pretty cheap too. If you try and put the back cap into the holder too hard it will split. They look nice but aren’t robust.

    • You’re not kidding, read this, thought to myself “Really? How hard did this guy push?!”. 5 seconds later… CRACK!

  • Are they waterproof?

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