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Description: Put the pedal to the metal with this metal foot switch. This is the same kind of foot pedal you might find switching the power supply for a tattoo machine or as a sustain pedal on an electric piano. The non-slip pad on top and rubber bumpers on the bottom keep the pedal from slipping out of place during use. If you open it up, it's a simple momentary switch and a big spring and that's about it. This pedal has, however, been described as "luxuriant, elegant and generous" and I guess we'd have to agree. The 59 inch cable is terminated with a 1/4" mono jack making it easy to incorporate into your next build, sounds "elegant" to us.

Dimensions: 10.5 x 7 x 3 cm


Comments 12 comments

  • what is the contact rating of the switch??

  • Just a heads up…

    These things totally stink of badly formulated rubber.

    Strong chemical scent that completely fills the room.

    Almost makes my eyes water.

    Reminding me of Mount Doom.

    (hey, it rhymes!)

    Hopefully, as time goes by and I air them out, the stench will die. Otherwise, it’s a REALLY good price for a keyboard pedal!

  • I just plugged a bunch of these into a StealthSwitch II, with COM-11149 to take them down to 1/8" plugs. Works pretty well, although I’m not actually sure what I’m going to do with 5 foot pedals worth of extra inputs.

  • probly needs some matching jacks like these under related products

  • Can this take 240v? I wish to control my Dremel using one these.

  • It seems to work just fine. The only complaint I have is that it smells like an ashtray, quickly stinking up a room. I think the rubber/plastic elements are outgassing something really nasty. I’m going to park it near a window in the garage to see if the smell dies down after a few days.

  • Not only is it exactly like a keyboard sustain pedal, it’s about a third of the cost.

  • Great ! Will replace the broken one of my sewing machine

    • If you’re still looking for a replacement pedal for a sewing machine, this pedal would work better, even if you had to do a little hardware hacking to make it work.

      Note: Posted link is to American Science and Surplus. They don’t carry that many electrical/electronics, and what they do are normally unusual things (oxymoronic statement intended). Also while they don’t have as wide or consistent selection of electronics as SparkFun, they are worth checking-out for other categories like laboratory equipment or just weird and random stuff.

    • This is only on-off. On all the machines I have used the foot pedal is also a speed controller.

  • Any plans to add a latching foot switch?

    • Well until they do it looks like there’s room enough (based on today’s video) in the immobile end of the case to add a small perfboard with a 74 series latch and the few additional components necessary to implement any desired latching behavior.

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