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Description: If you need to knock up a quick prototype there’s nothing like having a pile of jumper wires to speed things up, and let’s face it: sometimes you want quantity over quality. These are the same jumper wires that come with the SparkFun Inventor’s Kit, they’re less rugged than the premium jumper wires but they’re great for bread-boarding, they’re less expensive and we sell them in packs of 30! They may not hold up to year after year of abuse but they’re a good value and we use them all the time here at SparkFun, both in classes and personal projects. Your pack of 30 jumper wires will be a random assortment of various colors.

Dimensions: 7" long

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Customer Comments

  • 2 things.

    1: FURST!!!

    2: These are AMAZING for hooking things up to arduino. The pins get held really good. I commonly use these to connect my Arduino to my breadboard for simple circuits. Even just lighting an LED, it’s much easier if you can just pop in your 1k resistor and the LED without needing to solder it and then try to fanangle it to fit in arduino pins. These are an extreme help. Recommended for everyone.

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